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The latest diesel engine technology requires cleaner diesel fuel than ever before. Advances in fuel injection systems have drastically improved diesel engine performance by increasing the fuel injection pressure and injection speed.


Now in its 16th year, three-day music festival Splendour in the Grass continues to achieve record crowds with daily attendance at this year’s festival in July at North Byron Parklands estimated at approximately 30,000. As crowd numbers have grown, so has the festival’s impressive line-up and Splendour in the Grass is now acknowledged as the nation’s biggest and best winter music festival.


In June last year, the Minister for the Environment announced an independent review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 to see the act's effects on fuel quality in Australia. The review was recently completed and the final report can now be read online. Let's take a look at some of the key takeaways from the report.


This month’s photo isn’t strictly from a staff member – but they’re a great local business and we certainly consider our fleet supplier Motorama Toyota Moorooka part of our team.


We're fortunate to enjoy excellent fuel quality in Australia, with regulations and laws such as the Fuel Quality Standards Act of 2000 promoting clean diesel and other fuels. But contaminated diesel fuel is still a problem that drivers and fleet owners need to be aware of.


Every user of bulk fuel in Australia needs to know about the Australian government's fuel schemes programme. This forward-thinking initiative provides businesses and non-businesses with fuel tax credits. It aims to promote the recycling of fuels that would otherwise have gone to waste and, at the same time, bring down costs. So, it benefits both our beautiful planet and our hip-pockets. It's a win-win situation. Here's a lowdown of what you need to know. 


Once most common in trucks and commercial vehicles, diesel-powered cars are now increasingly popular and abundant in Australia. Advances in technology means that Australians are embracing the higher torque, better fuel economy, lower maintenance and longer lifespan of a quality diesel engine.


As anyone who works in the earthmoving business knows, refuelling can be slow, impractical, expensive and inefficient. But, the good news is, Bulk Fuel Australia's fuel for earthmoving services can make things more convenient, more fuel-efficient and less costly.


Fuel quality in Australia is ensured through high government standards, designed not only to better protect the environment but to ensure that clean petrol and diesel is also good for your engine.


There’s more to flammable and combustible liquids than meets the eye. The definitions are changing and so too are the safety requirements around them. In this updated guide we’ll detail the differences between the two liquids, and how to best handle them.