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Diesel bugs develop from fungal spores which travel by air or water and enter your fuel system through vents and filling ports. In the right conditions, diesel bugs are known to move in and start to multiply rapidly, which is why this microbe causes so many problems. At present, the current number of known species of diesel bugs sits at twenty.


The capability of Bulk Fuel Australia’s fuel tanks can grow along with our customers business, as evidenced by this recent installation. Graymore Couriers has been one of our clients for over three years, and we have seen their fuel needs outgrow the capabilities of the 10,000 litre fuel tank that was installed previously.


As a leading Australian bulk fuel provider, one of the most frequent questions we are asked, both by current and potential customers, is what range of factors affect heating oil prices.  

An obvious starting point is the fact that this is largely a seasonal product, as becomes clear as April approaches and cold nights can settle across places such as Toowoomba and Canberra, Geelong, The Blue Mountains or perhaps just where you live.  


What's the one thing that moves the fleet industry? Fleet fuel is what gets your drivers and goods from A to B. 


2016 was a big year for our Bulk Fuel Australia, with our main achievement the tackling of the fuel cleanliness issue by introducing Final Filters to our entire fleet of delivery trucks and bulk fuel site storage tanks. So what else did you love in 2016? Many of our articles attracted interest and stimulated discussion, but these 10 topped them all. 


The demands on diesel fuel are changing and Bulk Fuel Australia is changing their processes with it.

As diesel engine fuel injection technologies become more efficient and less tolerant of anomalies in supply, it’s increasingly important to ensure that fuel is filtered to an impeccable standard.


It was great to see this mighty SCT Logistics multi freighter in all its glory next to one of our on-site refuelling trucks. The clever use of perspective really draws you in, and it’s amazing to think the whole train keeps going beyond what we see here. This shot was taken at the future site of a $30 million freight terminal which is set to kick-start the Bromelton industrial estate.


The name HYDAC is recognised around the world as being a leading provider of fluid and filter technology across a wide range of industries. Here’s some background about HYDAC and the reasons why – following an extensive process – we selected HYDAC as our filtration partner


It’s not every day that we get to refuel a 500 tonne, 50m superyacht, but that’s what our Melbourne marine refuelling team was doing earlier this month when they captured our tanker refuelling the yacht ‘Triton’ for the February Photo of the Month.


A new biofuels laboratory has recently opened in Gladstone that will allow researchers to test green fuels locally as well as provide a high profile boost to Queensland’s biofuel industry.