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The Rockefeller name is deeply entrenched in American history, synonymous with summits of wealth and philanthropic generosity. You’d be hard fetched to find someone who hasn’t heard of the name or the family legacy. It all began, however, with the 16-year-old bookkeeper, John D. Rockefeller, whose goal in life was to earn $100,000 and live to be 100 years.


While marine engines have become increasingly efficient over the past decade, there is still a lot we can do as end users to ensure that existing marine fuel supplies are used as frugally as possible. Not only does this make sense from an environmental point of view, but there are clear economic advantages to this, too.


We haven’t featured our marine refuelling capability in our Photo of the Month series for quite some time, so we thought it was time to show our marine customers some love. This month featured photo comes from the Gold Coast, where our client The Boat Works is based.


Did you know that many homes in Australia in south-east Queensland rely on home heating oil to warm their homes? Heating oil was extremely common in homes pre-1960 as a connection to the natural gas network wasn’t available at the time. While Australia isn’t known for being a “chilly” country, simply drive an hours in-land and you’ll be experiencing sub-zero temperatures during winter.


Several news stories came out in May 2018 across popular outlets, such as ABC, The Conversation and the Sydney Morning Herald, about the status of Australia’s fuel supply. “Are we running out of fuel?”, “Are we vulnerable to global disruption?” and “where does Australia’s diesel fuel come from?” were the top headlines.


History-based Facebook Groups are a treasure trove of information pertaining to the generations before us in a particular area. Case in point, The House Detective posted on the Old Brisbane Facebook group because she recently discovered an old fuel tank buried in a West End yard. It’s wasn’t the only property on that street who had a decommissioned underground tank either, giving insight into a piece of Queensland history and creating a mystery to solve.


We’re at the midway point folks. Halfway through 2018 and Bulk Fuel Australia team has already accomplished so much. As many of our readers know, we love to celebrate those achievements by highlighting them in our Photo of the Month.


The Commonwealth Games 2018 was the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen. It was the first regional city to ever host a Commonwealth Games in its 88-year history. Their vision, along with presenting a stellar event, was to show leadership in sustainability by delivering GC2018 to international standards of best practice, leaving positive economic, environmental, social and community legacies.


Fuel contamination is a costly issue not to be ignored. As a fuel supplier to Australian businesses, we can safely say that fuel is our lifeblood. And for the companies we serve through our fuel delivery services, it’s their operational driving force. The effects of fuel contamination can spread quickly, rendering your bulk fuel supply useless.


Staying safe at the beach wouldn’t be made possible without the tremendous efforts from Surf Life Saving Australia. With over 200 million beach visits each year, the volunteers and paid lifeguards certainly have their hands full, with 2,561 rescues in 2017 alone.