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Australia’s love affair with all things big has been one of the great things about travelling around the country. We’ve got The Big Ram in South Australia, a Big Koala in Victoria and even a Big Bogan in New South Wales. If you can think of it, chances are there’s a Big version of it somewhere along our highways.


Here at Bulk Fuel Australia, we're well aware of the issues with fuel cleanliness that can often arise when companies need to order large amounts of diesel fuel at once. Whilst advances in the technology in diesel engines means they are more efficient machines than ever before, it also means they require even cleaner fuel.


In our modern society, quarries - much like fuel - are essential to everyday life. They provide the construction materials to build roads and buildings, deliver vital minerals to agriculture and support the generation of electricity. 


Fuel storage is an essential part of many businesses around Australia and the world. At Bulk Fuel Australia for example we make sure our self-bunded fuel storage tanks are top-rated and built to last for the tough Australian conditions. 


With global warming and a shortage of fossil fuels both being important issues that we, as a planet, are currently facing, more and more resources are being invested in developing greener and more efficient fuels. Cleaner diesel is one of the 'clean fuels' now available; here's what you need to know.


For a time, Australian motorists saw a fairly regular pricing pattern that gave us cheaper fuel mid-week and more expensive fuel on the weekend. Today though, the cycle troughs (cheaper days) are as likely to fall on a Saturday one week, as they are on a Wednesday the next week.

In actual fact, retail fuel prices fluctuate from day to day and city to city. In this article, we identify five reasons fuel prices rise and fall. The more informed you are about what causes prices to fluctuate, the more likely you are to save.


We're fortunate to enjoy excellent fuel quality in Australia, with regulations and laws such as the Fuel Quality Standards Act of 2000 promoting clean diesel and other fuels. But contaminated diesel fuel is still a problem that drivers, fleet owners and site operators need to be aware of.


As anyone who works in the earthmoving business knows, refuelling can be slow, impractical, expensive and inefficient. But, the good news is, Bulk Fuel Australia's fuel for earthmoving services can make things more convenient, more fuel-efficient and less costly.


There’s no denying Australia has a love affair with cars and trucks. Perhaps it’s our competitive nature, our love of the outdoors or simply the sheer size of the country that has fuelled this love affair, to the point where motoring is part of our cultural DNA.

But what literally is fuelling this relationship? Recent figures show that Australians use as much as 31,839 million litres of fuel each year, with 57% petrol and 37% diesel. In this article, we take a brief look at the major differences between diesel and petrol, and consider how they are refined, used and priced.


Australia’s fuel refineries play a critical role in the fuel supply chain, contributing around $1 billion per year to the economy, but did you know that there are only four left in the country?