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Australians are already very familiar with the fluctuations of fuel prices, however may not be aware that there are many factors affecting it such as manufacturing costs, supply and demand and competition.

Many of the basics of fuel pricing remain the same regardless of the location of the fuel bowser. A large portion of the fuel price is based on the cost of the actual fuel itself from the supplier and any additional taxes incurred along the way. However, regional Australia poses its own unique challenges that impact the way fuel prices change - and how often they do.


Do you own a generator for your business? Renting one to power a large-scale event? Or are you looking to invest in a small diesel fuel generator for emergencies at home? The nature of owning a generator is that you can’t predict when disruptive power outages are due to strike. It could happen the next day or next year. So, what happens to all that fuel needed to power your generator? How do you maximise its shelf life? How old is “too old”? And how do you store it in safely on the property or site?


The fires that are running rampant all across New South Wales and Queensland are on the top of everyone’s tongues at the moment, with more and more fire-fighting crews on the scene to save lives and property every day.


To many drivers, the reasons behind the continual rise and fall of fuel prices is a mystery. However, there is a method behind the apparent madness, albeit quite a complex one. There are many factors that come into play in current and long-term fuel pricing. 


As with so many businesses in summer months, the frequency of incidents of all varieties increases with the season, so National Safe Work Month is an opportunity to focus on all aspects of workplace risk to ensure that this trend can be reversed.  This year the campaign challenges all of us to be Safety Champions, and at Bulk Fuel Australia, we’re recognising ours.


This month’s photo of the month is a real beauty, and features something we could do with a lot more of at the moment - rain!


It’s Photo of the Month time. Each month we highlight one of our recent projects with a happy snap from one of our team members on-site.


For many worksites, having an Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) makes a lot of sense. After all, being underground means that there’s little to no risk of the fuel storage tank being damaged by the weather or vandalism. 


Willie Nelson, country music singer-songwriter legend, is known for many things. There’s his incredibly prolific music career, his distinct voice and look, his civil rights advocacy...and oddly enough, his biofuel company.


It’s that time again. Our Photo of the Month is the time where we show off a happy snap from our team on the road as they deliver on-site fuel to customers across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.