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For many people around the country, using home heating oil is a necessity for large portions of the year. Home heating oil companies can deliver a wide range of products including diesel heating oil direct to the consumer, which is then used in oil burners to generate much-needed heat. However, just as all oil burners are not the same, neither are the oils used in the process. The different ways crude oil is refined results in different types of fuel products available to the consumer.


Does your company need large volumes of fuel or other petrochemical liquids to be available on site? Using a self-bunded tank should be your fuel storage solution of choice.  A self-bunded tank is a tank within a tank.  It has double steel walls that allow for effective and safe storage of fuel, diesel and other liquids.


Part of our culture at Bulk Fuel Australia is to recognise the hard work that goes into delivering bulk fuel to various locations around the country. One of the ways we do that is through our Photo of the Month competition.


The future remains a mystifying, yet alluring place. It’s where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives, so it’s no surprise that we’re so interested in what it’s going to look like. Businesses, including suppliers of diesel fuel for mining, also need to have one eye looking towards the horizon to see what trends and paradigm shifts are ahead.


Australians are used to vast remoteness impacting their lives. This includes the distance between major capital cities, how long it takes for mail-order items to arrive from overseas, or even the time it takes to go to your neighbour’s house when you live in the outback. We live in a vast nation of incredible scope and wonder, ruled in many ways by the “tyranny of distance”. The term was coined by Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey, and it refers to how, even though Australia has strong cultural ties to other countries, its position on the globe puts it in stark isolation.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released in September 2016 the latest and updated version of their Truck Impact Chart (TIC).


Our employees are the beating heart of our business as bulk fuel specialists. Their dedication to delivering service excellence is something we are proud of and is a philosophy we instil in our initial and on-going training at Bulk Fuel Australia.


Every month we host a Photo of the Month competition for the Bulk Fuel Australia team, who send through photos of truck photography, on-site refuelling and bulk fuel deliveries to our clients from all corners of the country. Our latest winner goes to Michael from Unit 91, who snapped a photo of our fuel tanker at the recent Woodford Folk Festival.


Not many people are aware that diesel, the fuel that we use every day across the world, is named after a real person: the inventor of the original diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel. This piece of trivia is not as interesting as the man himself, however.


Once deemed too sluggish for your everyday passenger car, diesel fuel now powers high-speed, sophisticated vehicles that merge efficiency with dynamic driving capability. Diesel’s come a long way since its humble origins and has advanced into different type for different purposes, and not all of them are derived from petroleum.