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Final Filtered Diesel®

HYDAC Fuel Filter Diesel Fuel Cleanliness Testing White Paper

The issues of diesel cleanliness and fuel contamination are not new, but with ever-stricter fuel emissions standards and the rapid pace of change in turbo diesel engine technology, the quality of the fuel feeding these engines has become an increasingly important factor in ensuring equipment performs as efficiently as it’s supposed to.

HYDAC Diesel Fuel Cleanliness Testing White Paper

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Our Final Filtered Diesel® White Paper takes a closer look at the filtration process, particularly the process of final filtration, the process of filtering diesel at the final exit point before it enters the fuel tank of a vehicle or machine.

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Final Filtered Diesel® Cleanliness Tests

The diesel first fuel cleanliness tests were conducted by HYDAC using the HYDAC FCU1000 inline particle counter. Diesel samples were taken from installed sample points on the fuel line, before and after the installed filter. The fuel taken prior to filter installation then bypassed the filter unit and was recirculated in the truck’s fuel tank.

Reduction in Particles
ISO 4406
Lower Particle Count Than Industry Standard
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About Final Filtered Diesel

high quality single-pass filter units

About Final Filtered Diesel®

Bulk Fuel Australia is tackling the fuel cleanliness issue by introducing Final Filters to our entire fleet of delivery trucks and bulk fuel site storage tanks.

Our Final Filters are currently being installed in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA. After each filter is installed, each truck will deliver clean Final Filtered Diesel® from our hose reels to our customer’s fuel tanks and equipment.

Reliability and equipment availability are critical items to all businesses and using our Final Filtered Diesel® improves both.


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About Bulk Fuel Australia

Bulk Fuel Australia is an Australian family owned company focused on delivering customer service with excellence. Our capabilities include Final Filtered Diesel, on site refuelling, bulk fuel delivery service, fuel management systems, fuel tanks, heating oil, fuel cards and lubricants.

To experience the benefits of Final Filtered Diesel for yourself or for more information about the results of our fuel testing process, contact Bulk Fuel Australia today.