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The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released in September 2016 the latest and updated version of their Truck Impact Chart (TIC).


Our employees are the beating heart of our business as bulk fuel specialists. Their dedication to delivering service excellence is something we are proud of and is a philosophy we instil in our initial and on-going training at Bulk Fuel Australia.


Every month we host a Photo of the Month competition for the Bulk Fuel Australia team, who send through photos of truck photography, on-site refuelling and bulk fuel deliveries to our clients from all corners of the country. Our latest winner goes to Michael from Unit 91, who snapped a photo of our fuel tanker at the recent Woodford Folk Festival.


Not many people are aware that diesel, the fuel that we use every day across the world, is named after a real person: the inventor of the original diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel. This piece of trivia is not as interesting as the man himself, however.


Once deemed too sluggish for your everyday passenger car, diesel fuel now powers high-speed, sophisticated vehicles that merge efficiency with dynamic driving capability. Diesel’s come a long way since its humble origins and has advanced into different type for different purposes, and not all of them are derived from petroleum.


At the heart of every organisation are guiding principles that drive everything from customer service to the efficiency of our bulk fuel supplies, to how everyday routine tasks are carried out. A company's degree of professionalism can be measured by how well these principles are performed every day by its staff and it’s something Bulk Fuel Australia continually strives for.


Welcome to 2018 and another year of our Photo of the Month competition. Every month we select our favourite pictures taken by our staff working across Australia, delivering bulk fuel and servicing customers in the city, suburbs and country.

Our Photo of the Month winner for January comes from our team member, Dave, who looks after Lendlease on the Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade Project in Brisbane.


Whether you’re the owner of a farm or the project management of a civil construction site, it’s only natural that you’d want to save time and money where you can. With fuel for plant and equipment being one of the larger expenses, finding the right refuelling solution will be a top priority.


As we head towards the final weeks of an action-packed 2017, it’s time we look back on the year that was. It was a year of significant transition for the team at Bulk Fuel Australia. Here’s a recap of our most memorable moments from our General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mal Vawdrey.


Welcome to our final Photo of the Month announcement of 2017. We’ve seen some amazing photography from the Bulk Fuel Australia staff members this year; from a US Wasp-class amphibious assault ship which we refuelled earlier this year to impressive agriculture drone photos of a customer’s farm.