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If you operate heavy duty diesel vehicle as part of a fleet, you’ve probably already heard of AdBlue. With emission standards tightening across the globe in a big to reduce pollution and meet climate agreements, AdBlue is being used as a way to reduce the emissions in your fuel by breaking down harmful nitrogen oxides.


Even with the cleanest of supplies, such as Final Filtered Diesel®, caution must still be taken to manage the risk that diesel exhaust represents.


At Bulk Fuel Australia, we’re committed to giving back to our community. We recognise the desperate need for urgent care and medical assistance to relieve additional stress from associated with transport to and from hospitals in South-East Queensland.


Our March Photo of the Month highlights the incredible size and scope of the projects we work on as part of our daily refuelling schedule. Here we have Bulk Fuel Australia tanker servicing a Chicago Freight Australia GL Class locomotive. With a live weight of 132 tonnes and a 12-cylinder GE engine producing 3300hp, these robust trains require Final Filtered Diesel® to operate efficiently.


Working in remote locations poses many challenges. There are countless infrastructure issues that rear their head during an average day on the worksite, and keeping it running with a reliable source of fuel is a necessity. But what is involved in having the right type of fuel storage solution for your remote workplace.


Massive thunderstorms are a way of life for many parts of Australia. They can be dangerous and potentially devastating to communities around the country, with Queensland and South Australia in particular taking the brunt of several storms in recent years.


Movies are great for lots of things - a nice night out, an amazing on-screen spectacle, or a chance to eat a lot of popcorn - but realism isn’t usually one of them.


There aren’t that many technologies initially developed in the late 1800’s that are still going strong today, but diesel fuel has to rank as one of the most successful.


January 2019’s photo of the month is a little bit different from the other entries in the series. By now we are sure you’re familiar with Bulk Fuel Australia’s proven ability to deliver a dependable supply of diesel fuel to worksites, cars and trucks - but this is a vehicle with more wheels than most.


Since the invention of diesel fuel in the 1800s, scientists and fuel industry members have all been looking to improve the performance and reliability of the substance. New developments continue to change the way diesel fuel is sourced and used.