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For a time, Australian motorists saw a fairly regular pricing pattern that gave us cheaper fuel mid-week and more expensive fuel on the weekend. Today though, the cycle troughs (cheaper days) are as likely to fall on a Saturday one week, as they are on a Wednesday the next week.

In actual fact, retail fuel prices fluctuate from day to day and city to city. In this article, we identify five reasons fuel prices rise and fall. The more informed you are about what causes prices to fluctuate, the more likely you are to save.


There’s no denying Australia has a love affair with cars and trucks. Perhaps it’s our competitive nature, our love of the outdoors or simply the sheer size of the country that has fuelled this love affair, to the point that there’s even a representative in our federal senate from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party.

But what literally is fuelling this relationship? The latest figures show that Australians use as much as 31,839 million litres of fuel each year, with 57% petrol and 37% diesel. In this article, we take a brief look at the major differences between diesel and petrol, and consider how they are refined, used and priced.