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Did you ever stop to think about the amount of fuel it takes to mine fuel?

The Energy Efficiency Exchange is a joint initiative of the Australian, State and Territory governments and has made a number of recommendations to create ways to lessen fuel consumption.


Whether you just want to reduce costs or you're trying to do your bit for the environment, it's increasingly important to do everything you can to keep your business's fuel consumption down. With that in mind, here are some tips that should help you get a handle on how much fuel your business is using.


With any contract, you are essentially locking in an agreed price. A wholesale fuel contract assumes that you will lock in the cost of your fuel at a lower price than the current price in the 'spot market', which is the price you will get in the fuel market at any given time.


Bulk Fuel Australia keeps you in touch with all you need to know about fuel and related news across Australia. What’s new in March?


Each month, the staff of Bulk Fuel Australia hold a Photo of the Month competition to share their days and clients on the road.

In February the Agriculture Fuel Services team took out the prize easily!


The recent Australian Infrastructure Plan  by independent statutory body Infrastructure Australia outlined some potential changes for Australia's roads and transport network. Among the many recommendations outlined, fuel charges could be abolished, with road user charges taking their place. 


When you buy bulk fuel, you are buying wholesale on the global market. Therefore, bulk fuel prices are the closest to Australia's position in the global supply and demand chain for petrol or diesel.


Bulk Fuel Australia is a proud long-term sponsor of the Gympie Music Muster, one of Australia's largest camping festivals.


Did you know that fossil fuels such as oil and gas are just a few of the many available fuel options? These 10 rather peculiar energy sources will open your mind to alternative energy resources.


Australia runs on fuel. The Australian government, in recognition of the importance of fuel to the running of business and the health of the Australian economy, offers fuel tax credits in order to keep the cost of fuel in Australia at sustainable prices for companies that require it for their business.