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Fuel is arguably the most priceless commodity on Earth. Every day, millions of businesses worldwide rely on transport to conduct their operations, and without a constant fuel supply, this would be impossible. Of course, petrol, diesel and the like hasn’t always been so important, but fuel in general has, with wood burnt for fuel since time immemorial and coal used as a power source for many centuries. 


Each month, the staff of Bulk Fuel Australia hold a Photo of the Month competition. With December 2015 being the big kick off of the competition.


Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that are used regularly? If so, you should consider purchasing a fuel card, because it can save your company cash.


You might think that you quite a bit about fuel, but take a look at these six facts and you may be surprised what you didn’t know. 


Early on, management at Bulk Fuel Australia recognised the benefits of integrating a system like DriveCam into its fuel distribution fleet. It seemed the obvious choice to improve driver safety, track bulk fuel deliveries in real-time and ensure regulatory compliance.


In the past, enduring a power outage was as simple as lighting a few candles. Not anymore. Without electricity, security systems can falter, telecommunications can cease, businesses can fail, and people can die. Luckily, there are emergency generators and other temporary power solutions to get us through.


Just like you're not the same as the next person and more relevantly, one machine isn't exactly like the next, different types of fuels vary in performance and use.


With the price of fuel going up and up, we want to drive as efficiently as possible so we can conserve our fuel, and in return, save money.


Whether it is a fuel tank in a vehicle or a large on-site fuel storage tank, the presence of water in fuel is bad news. Fuel contamination by water can have dangerous and costly consequences, which is why it’s important to perform regular tank maintenance and fuel testing.


In the winter months when the mercury drops, there are plenty of places around Australia, particularly in the southern states, where internal heating is considered a must.

Heating oil is a clean, efficient and eco-friendly fuel option for domestic and commercial heating. It is used to fuel furnaces and boilers for internal heating systems and is typically delivered by road and stored in a tank.