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This month’s photo of the month is a real beauty, and features something we could do with a lot more of at the moment - rain!


It’s Photo of the Month time. Each month we highlight one of our recent projects with a happy snap from one of our team members on-site.


For many worksites, having an Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) makes a lot of sense. After all, being underground means that there’s little to no risk of the fuel storage tank being damaged by the weather or vandalism. 


Willie Nelson, country music singer-songwriter legend, is known for many things. There’s his incredibly prolific music career, his distinct voice and look, his civil rights advocacy...and oddly enough, his biofuel company.


It’s that time again. Our Photo of the Month is the time where we show off a happy snap from our team on the road as they deliver on-site fuel to customers across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.


Australia’s fuel refineries play a major role in the fuel supply chain, producing half of the transport fuels needed to operate vehicles and machinery every day.


Having your own fuel storage tanks on-site has a wealth of advantages. Primarily, it gives you the purchasing power of being able to buy bulk fuel allotments. This lets you store fuel in a place of your choice and buy fuel at a competitive price. It is also extremely convenient as you aren’t continually waiting for new fuel supply trucks to arrive. 


Welcome to our August BFA Photo of the Month, where we showcase a fuel solution project we’ve worked on. This month we’re highlighting our fuel tanks and fuel management system with this great photo of our fuel tank sitting pretty amongst the earthmoving equipment at a construction site.


A Queensland oil refinery believes they’ve found a solution for Australia’s tyre waste and fuel scarcity issues that will benefit us all.


We hear the terms ‘flammable’ and ‘combustible’ thrown around every day, and often used interchangeably. However, there are key differences between the two, and understanding them can be of great benefit.