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Once most common in trucks and commercial vehicles, diesel-powered cars are now increasingly popular and abundant in Australia. Advances in technology means that Australians are embracing the higher torque, better fuel economy, lower maintenance and longer lifespan of a quality diesel engine.


As anyone who works in the earthmoving business knows, refuelling can be slow, impractical, expensive and inefficient. But, the good news is, Bulk Fuel Australia's fuel for earthmoving services can make things more convenient, more fuel-efficient and less costly.


Fuel quality in Australia is ensured through high government standards, designed not only to better protect the environment but to ensure that clean petrol and diesel is also good for your engine.


Flammable and combustible liquids make up the largest component of the group of substances known as ‘hazardous chemicals’. In the first of our two-part guide to flammable and combustible liquids, we explained what flammable and combustible liquids are – and the difference between the two.


In the first of our two-part guide to flammable and combustible liquids, we’re going to explain what a flammable and/or combustible liquid is – and the difference between the two.


Are you really maximising the efficiency of your on-site plant equipment and vehicles? On-site refuelling can make a measurable difference.

Here are our 9 top benefits of on-site refuelling with Bulk Fuel Australia.


Diesel – where did it come from? How is it different? Why is a turbo-diesel car better? Here are the five key facts everyone should know about diesel – as a fuel and as an engine.


A ‘bund’ refers to a secondary layer of protection or containment. In the case of bulk fuel or other chemical storage and handling, it’s a protective layer or wall around a potentially damaging substance – such as highly flammable fuel – that will prevent accidental spillage.


Each and every month we hold a “photo of the month” competition for our staff across the country, and April’s winner is a treat.


When it comes to efficiency, intelligence and innate solutions, Mother Nature always knows best. Now, she’s stepping up once again, with scientists revealing a newly-developed fuel cell technology that promises to pioneer the clean energy revolution. And most intriguing of all, cacti are at the heart of the innovation.